Monday, August 29, 2011

a random post for my friends esp stj 0408. i love you guys.

They say you never appreciate what you have until you have lost it, I find that much to be true. I have friends that I cherish with my life, and when shit goes down and they are not feeling good, I feel the same pain that they do, because I really don't like to see my friends in their anguish. I appreciate them for being in my life, and for being my friends, so if anything goes down and they need a shoulder I will be there for them. However things are not always reciprocated, and that is when animosity starts to build. Some of the people I know tend to try to use me as a welcome mat, to get what they want, and not even necessarily need. I find that disrespectful because when it comes down to it, all the wants and desires become monetary. And when they have a history of being a flake when it comes to things of monetary value, it is really hard to trust them with your money that you earned, saved, and worked for. And when you do not help them out with their problems, they try to make you feel bad. That is fucked up considering all the emotional support that I gave them out of my own time, during times when I should be studying and working on projects, I was consoling them over their emotional problems. I have a mental journal of most of the shit that goes on in other people's lives because I talk to them when they are down, in tears, or torn up. But once those pieces are put back together, its like nothing ever happened before. This makes me feel a little bit unappreciated so I tend to avoid the people that do that to me, just to cut off some of the distance I have with them.

The little things that people do for you, just out of the blue lets you know that the person is thinking about you, and thanks you for being in their life. This could be from a random email saying "Hey! there really isn't a purpose in this email, other than to say hi and how are you!" to a random gift to the people just because you know that they like that item when you walk past it and you buy it for them, or a random phone call just to say hi. While I was in stj, I was going to get my books and materials of the sorts, I walked past a food stall. Knowing some of my friends and their love for food, I used some of the money that I was going to use for books to buy them food, just because I was thinking about them. The little things you do for other people can mean a whole lot in other people's eyes. These small little details can brighten up the darkest nights that the person is having, just because they know you care, and that you are there for them if they ever need someone to kick it with, to talk to, and have some genuine heart to heart with. So appreciate your friends! People come into and leave our lives constantly, those that leave are disposable anyways, but those that stay...hold on tight because they are gonna be the motherfuckers that keep you afloat when you need them. The little actions that show you care, have great reactions.

love, peace, chicken grease.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Oftentimes, I encounter some people who send messages or texts to me in a language that I cannot understand. This language is so complex, its a wonder how people could understand it. It is like a bunch of stupid people had a gathering on how to piss off people with a higher intellect, and this is what they came up with. An annoying form of broken Engrish. Yes, I said Engrish. Listening to people with heavy accents and minimal knowledge of the language is easier to decipher than this bunch of shit. Because an immigrant person who knows little English, does not beat around the bush. They go from Point A to Point B with what they want. "How to go Downtown" That was not even necessarily a question nor does it need to be grammatically correct, but I am able to understand that the person wants to go to downtown. It takes me and some of my friends a good chunk of our precious time to decipher what sort of stupid is sent to us through any devices. As I read these messages, I can feel the blood in the veins of my eyes start to boil because I get angry when I am given dosages of stupid that I do not want to take. Think of it like the Hulk, the more stupid I am exposed to, the angrier I get. And the angrier I get, the more I want to choke the fuck out of the person who sent me the message. Reading messages like "hI!! hWz iT g01n?? R u bZy 2mRw?? o4Rl??? DaT sUx! dO u wnt 2 g0 2 dA mOvEeZ wIf mE n mAiI fReNzZ?" makes me want to take the phone or keyboard and slam it across the face of the sender, even if they are my friends. First of all, your question is already moot, because I probably deleted it anyways after hiring an Ace team of code breakers and linguists. Second of all, Shut the fuck up. If you cannot speak like a normal person that anyone could understand if they could speak that language. Kindly shut the fuck up, and run into a tree until you can speak the language correctly. Then talk to me, and ask me about going to the movies. Or if you even want to save time on texting, you could always just FUCKING CALL THE PERSON.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


This is my 4th post this month after two months without any fuckin update..the truth is I have not been updating because nothing has been pissing me off lately. A new spark, however, ignited an entire cluster-fuck of rage that I have been holding down. Now, we are all, for the most part, grown up enough to know the usage/grammar/meaning of words now...right? Then why the fuck are people still mixing up "Their", "There", "They're"? Yes, at times we may mess up and write one of those three, but are you able to catch your mistake? If you think theirs nothing wrong with writing that, slap the fuck out of yourself (if you scanned over "theirs" without stopping to say "that's wrong"...also go slap yourself). If you did, congratulations.

Here is another cluster of words that are commonly misused. "Could of", "Should of", "Would of". If you are staring at the screen going "I don't see anything wrong with that", drop out of college. If you still do not understand why that is wrong, take a look at the words tell me what do those words mean? I'll give you some time to to think about it.
They do not mean shit.
What you are thinking of is "Could've, Should have, Would've". I do not even want to explain the definition of those words. It should be already ingrained into your heads during your childhood school days.

I'm done.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

pissed off.

When I go to restaurants, I expect good service and attitude from the employees that work there. Not some bitch ass motherfucker who wants nothing to do with the establishment serving my food. When I get to the table, the first thing I want is water. Simple request ain't it? For some employees, its like I want them to climb Mount Everest and fetch me some pure purified glacial water. No, I just want some simple ass plain water, but even that takes forever to get from the kitchen to a cup, and finally to my table. After the decades of waiting for my ice cold beverage, I find that the employee bringing the water probably wants to spill that shit on my shirt. Why? Because the fucking employees will just toss that damn cup onto the table like it was their fucking car keys. Now all of this is all hypothetical of course. But if it was not...would you tip this asshole of an employee? I would not. But to each his own, right? After I order my food, and side dishes, and appetizers and what not...that takes another four hours of my life. When the food finally comes, I have already converted my diet to human flesh, and cannibalized the neighboring people. The service of some restaurants is just sluggish. It is like the establishment is having snails run the place( haha, After complaining to the manager or the employee, you will fear biting into a snot/spit filled plate of your ordered dish because some people are assholes like that. After an unpleasant meal, the check comes, and you look at the think to yourself and say..."hmm...should I tip the people?". Now normally in a good restaurant with good service, you would tip the people...maybe even more than they deserve. But since you are in a shitty restaurant in this scenario, I would highly doubt that you would tip those bitches. In another situation where you might be in a good restaurant, nice atmosphere, people enjoying themselves in would feel comfortable. The waitress or waiter comes to greet you with a smile instead of mugging at you. You would feel a lot better tipping the server. So for people who wants to go into the restaurant business...don't hire or be assholes. Always treat your customers with a smile and with courtesy, that way you could milk them for more tips.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Safe sex. Something we've all learned...but most rarely do. This topic is in relation to the teen pregnancy topic that I learnt earlier. In secondary school, we learned about safe sex, health, and the human anatomy. I am positive that all the teachers have beaten safe sex over and over with a club to make sure people understand it, and will utilize it in the future. However, that seems to not be the case, because I have seen people in their sophomore year get pregnant. Sophomore. That is the second year in high school. And they got pregnant already. That is some stupid shit. For the people who are so ignorant that it blinds common sense...condom prevents babies. Do you want to be responsible for a mistake that you accidentally had with a guy/girl you thought you "loved"? Well one thing is for sure...if you did not use a condom, you are fucked...quite literally and metaphorically. One of three things can happen...

1: You get someone/get pregnant.
2: You transmit diseases.
3: you would be psychologically/emotionally hurt. And
4: AIDS.

Yes I noticed I said three, but AIDS is too big to fit in the category of numbers...even though it is 4. I digress, if you are smart enough to make your own decisions, you should be old enough to handle the consequences of stupid and bad decisions. I can feel no pity on people who repeatedly choose to get pregnant, or a person who's gotten so many people pregnant that they have to pay for them all. They deserve what they get, because they did not know that stupid is the downfall of one's life. Safe sex prevents pregnancy, the ruining of someone's life, and diseases (which I am sure no one would want to feel the burn when they pee..amirite? Or AIDS). Abstinence and celibacy are the only ways you could ever not get a disease or pregnant...but I am certain that most of the ignorant fucks out there fucking do not know what those two words mean.

Don't be a fool. Wrap your tool.


Is it me or has the meaning of pretty changed for the worst? Sometimes I get bored and surf the internet for things to amuse myself with, whether it be the misfortune of other people, the mentally disabled, or anything that repulses people that are sheltered. During those pursuits of entertainment, at times I stumble across networking sites and things like craigslist where people put up pictures of themselves. Being totally disinterested, and without things better to curiosity leads me to read what these people have to say. Most people, women especially, like to think of themselves as attractive. No one wants to be unattractive, but people also do not like to be deceived (or do they? that's beside the point). When a person says "I am a beautiful wo/man" one would expect something along the lines of being easy on the eyes. I'm not trying to say you have to look like Ms. Universe or Ryan Reynolds in order to be "beautiful" or "hot" or whatever else, but let's be reasonable here. I always find it amusing when I stumble across women's description of themselves as being hot or beautiful, then quickly finding out that they look like Shrek or Chuckie. It is sort of like " got me theeeeeeeeeere" kind of thing, and it makes me well as die a little bit on the inside.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


I was so proud when I learnt how to tie my shoe laces. That was one of my first accomplishments I was so proud of. Later, ability to read, play musical instruments, run on marathons and dance like John Travolta. Teenage years are the best times for social activity. I have joined many clubs at that time, one was called “wilderness” and another “the star brats”.

Seeing my friends get medals and certificates would make me envious. It was the best stimulus for me. Just the thought that somebody else is doing better in chemistry would keep me in the library more than a coffee. So a month later I would do better than many people in the class. When nobody is competing with me I loose my interest. The accomplishments are good only when somebody challenges me or I have a competitor.

Although I haven’t done much in this life, now when I’m sick and I might have a surgery. The cycle of life is almost completed for me and it made me remember that many people are not able to complete that one biggest accomplishment of their life

p/s i do have a twitter account. do feel free to follow is much more easier to me to be connected to my fellow youthasia members/bosses and my senior journalists/editors (ian,niki,nasa,sharmila,ju eng,ivy)at the star newspapers.


I live in segamat for over 13 years. Segamat is a small quaint town just by the border of Johor and Melaka. Life is easy and everybody knows everybody there. It's a place where you can find peace and serenity that is lost in other big cities. People here tend to take things at slower pace and time seems to slow down. There's many interesting places that you can find here like old row of pre-war shop houses, cute shops selling items we used to have during childhood days and little wooden stalls that sells snacks. A place i find interesting is this little cafe called River Cafe, Segamat just opposite the river along Jalan Sultan. It's a nice place to chilled out day or nite and have a bite or drinks while the rest of the world goes on with their busy lives. There's even a little garden setting at the back for a more private chit chat and gossiping. All the decor here are collections from the owner over the years and from all over the places. Food and drinks here are mainly of the Taiwanese, Indonesian, local and with a few western menu thrown in. You may find the food simple but its really interesting and good. I have to say that you can't find it anywhere else in Segamat. Prices here are reasonable and the food lives up to their expectation. Having a drink and food with your friends here really do makes you forget bout the rest of the mad world but if you are still hunger for the outside world, there's free Wifi for those urbanites junkies. Next time if u feel like to escape from the cities, just drop by Segamat and stop by River Cafe, Segamat for a different feeling. No regrets!

Monday, May 10, 2010

cuti sem

Can you imagine that? It’s been one and a half year since I graduated High School and yes I really miss the fun, excitement, hang outs and many things about it. Not only that, I also miss my friends, whom I haven’t seen for a long time. I really feel comfortable when I’m with them. With them, I can do anything. They’ve been very supportive to me and I love them so much.

High School- when I was in my Elementary and about to graduate, I told my mother that I’ll surely miss that six years and told her that I never felt happier on that years of spending. But she contradicted it and said High School is much happier. I was skeptical of course at first. I said to my self, ok let’s see..

There, High School came, and my mother was right! Compare to College and Elementary life, High School is really different. For Five years of spending it, it’s like you’ll carry all those memories for a lifetime. I remember to have so many friends! Gained friends, also have enemies….I also learned how to appreciate a lot of things. Not to forget different kinds of teachers. Their never ending mood swings are so hard to handle. Our batch is one of the coolest batches of all (Sorry. I’m bias hehe).

Oh my, it’s been years but still fresh on my memory. Of course we often see each other during summer, and other occasions, but still some of us went to different places. But even if we are on our different paths, we still manage to communicate. I’m proud of my batch also friends because they are the coolest ever. We never want to break the bond, so every year; we see to it that we have a reunion. Some may find it boring, but for me, it’s the time to reminisce and make the bond stronger.

I just hope that nobody will change till we’re old!

I miss you guys! And hope to see a complete faces of Circa 1991

Hopefully sssoooooooonnn….

Saturday, April 3, 2010


While keeping up on blawgs I was happy to see that i'm not the only one cleaning out my social networking sites. Yesterday I chose to delete people I haven't talked to or who I was just lingering in their general "collection" of friends. i have been thinking a lot about social networking sites in general. I came to the conclusion that I want to use them as they're meant to be used--for keeping in touch and networking. Not networking as in, "Hey we met last night, we had some laughs so I thought I would add you." No, that just doesn't cut it anymore. Especially with the internet's ability to quickly turn the private into the public.

I've learned that I want to network the old fashioned way. You know, where you actually stay in touch and up-to-date with the people you know because you 1) want to, and 2) never know when that relationship can come in handy (need a good plumber? need a reference?). So I took a look at my friends and for the most part deleted anyone that I wouldn't or couldn't pick the phone up and call.

From now on I will try my best to only "friend" those that fall into the above description.

I suppose this is just one of many small steps I'll be making toward becoming a more professional individual. Which kinda sucks.

the most important thing is..i wont delete my school friends!

they were hillarious..they made my school days awesome!

actually i just found out me and LOTS of my friends were deleted by one of my friends..hahah

Friday, April 2, 2010

grunge etc

I am often asked by friends as well as others about the kind of music I grew up on and listened to as a teenager. While I started out listening to Heavy Metal(I still love to listen to it), around 2004 my tastes began to gear more toward the eclectic. I still loved Metal(and still do) but I wanted something different. This was before Grunge and Metal was still popular. But people were starting to kind of get tired of it. I remember playing in school bands and doing the whole thing and just feeling like I wasn't feeling like I belonged here. But I began to become inspired by alot of the newer sounds that were coming from the underground. I understand why metal died out after the 80's. But I didn't like the direction that Rock took in the 90's. Except, in the early(very early) 90's. It seems that in the years of 1989 to 1993, music became interesting. I am not a big fan of Grunge, but I love the music that came right before it took hold.

These were also my major teenage years so that may be why have have an affinity for this music. I am always amused when people try to pinpoint what my musical "tastes" are. Some think I only like fast guitar music. Some think I only like loud heavy music. None has ever been able to totally pinpoint my musical tastes which I find frustrating and refreshing. But over the years, I've grown tired of trying to explain my tastes mainly because I'm not sure that even I could do that. So I've created a list of some of my favorite albums that came out during my latter years as a teen. While not all of these are that well known today, and I'm sure that alot of people have never heard of some of these albums, they still have had a profound impact on me as an artist and a musician. I encourage everyone to check out these albums as well as other works by these artists. While this is not indended as a "best albums of all time" list, it is meant to show where the music would have gone if grunge had never taken over and how exciting it would have been. It is also meant to give people an idea of how vast my tastes really are and why it is so difficult to accurately explain what kind of music I like in a few simple words. This is the stuff I listen to when I think back to my teenage years. I'm sure many of you will be surprised. I guess the one common element of all of these is that they all had steller musicianship as well as individuality and substance.


Faith no More-The Real Thing

Kings X-Faith Hope Love

Skid Row-Slave To the Grind


Pantera-Vulgar Display of Power

Guns and Roses-Use your Illusions 1 and 2


White Zombie-La Sexcristo Volume 6

Primus-sailing the seas of cheese

Saigon Kick-The Lizard

Ozzy Osbourne-No More Tears

Van Halen-For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge

Alice in Chains-Facelift

Dream Theater-Images and Words

Pearl Jam-Ten

Jane's Addiction-Ritual De La Habitual

U2-zoo tv

Nine inch Nails-Pretty Hate Machine

Ugly Kid Joe-America's Least Wanted

Red Hot Chile Peppers-Blood Sugar Sex Magic

Soul Asylum-Grave Dancer's Union

Megadeth-Countdown to Extinction

Steve Vai-Passion and Warfare

Aerosmith-Get a Grip


Queen-Classic Queen

Black Sabbath-Dehumanizer

Lynch Mob-Wicked Sensation